Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AmNews publisher weds

Special to the AmNews
Published: Friday, May 28, 2010 11:36 AM EDT
It was a match made in heaven that finally made its way through the stars and continued as the bride alit from the horse-drawn carriage about to marry the man of her dreams.
Stunningly dressed in an exquisite white gown that fit to a T with a traditionally long train and veil, the princess bride was our very own Elinor Tatum, editor in chief of the New York Amsterdam News, who, on Sunday, May 23 married the dashing prince charming, Curtis Simmons.
The evening ceremony was enchanting as the Four Seasons Restaurant was transformed into a garden wonderland with gigantic floral arrangements that tastefully decorated the landing where the nuptials, performed by the Honorable David N. Dinkins, took place. Led down the aisle on the arm of Congressman Charles B. Rangel, the bride looked radiant and blushed as the guests in attendance sighed, “Ooh-la-la.” The jazz quartet played the wedding march with a wonderful mix of the old with the new until there stood the two love birds, who promised to love and cherish one another until the end of time.
They were reminded to take care of each other’s love; bring sunshine when it rains and flowers when it snows; and remember dreams do come true. (That’s what I always say.) The mayor recounted his own promises as he and wife, Joyce, will celebrate 57 years of marriage in August. With good wishes and blessings, the ceremony ended with the Jewish tradition of the groom smashing the glass—signifying out with the old and in with the new—as two have been joined together as one as the audience cried in unison, “Mazeltov!”
Among those there to witness the occasion were Rev. Al Sharpton, William Thompson, Ken Knuckles, Herman Denny Farrell, Keith Wright, Susan Taylor with husband Khephra Burns, Dr. Marcella Maxwell, Toni Faye and a host of relatives, family and friends who love Elly and Curtis so much. The ceremony alone was enough to fill one’s dreams for a lifetime, yet there was more to come as guests were led into the dining room for a wonderful meal, a champagne toast from the matron of honor, Elly’s best friend from high school, and the best man, both of whom were honored to be chosen as someone so near and dear to the couple.
Rev. Al referred to Elly as his little sister and recalled the first time he met Curtis at the Tatum home when Elly’s father, the late Wilbert Tatum, leaned over to him and said, “That’s Elly’s boyfriend.” Everyone felt the presence of Bill Tatum in the room as he watched over his little girl becoming a married woman, and as Rev. Al stated best, “He loved his Elly so much.”
Elinor spoke with compassion as she told her mother, Susan, how much she loved her; thanked Curtis’ mom, Sylvia, for bringing Curtis into the world; and thanked her dad by saying, “This is what he would have wanted.”
Curtis, now the man of the family, showed his love for his bride, his mother and mother-in-law and thanked everyone for coming to “his big Black wedding.”
But wait! There’s more. Having dined, the guests were ready to party and so they did, but not before the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife to the melody of Natalie Cole and her father Nat, together singing “Unforgetable” in every way. With the multi-tiered red velvet wedding cake cut and the music about to start pumping, it was time. But no, not yet. There was one last tradition to be had, and that was the African tradition of jumping the broom, and so they did and now, it’s official.
I know that as I speak for myself, I speak for all the readers of this column when I say that I wish Elly and Curtis all the happiness that life has to offer and then some. Remember your vows, never lose your sense of humor and there’s no mountain high enough, no river wide enough, no valley deep enough, no issue too big or too small that your love won’t be able to conquer.
Until next week…many kisses.

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